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  • Artwork and tracklist revealed

    24. June 2016

    The cover photo is done by russian photographer Dmitry Laudin. 

    The tracklist is:

    Rumours Of War

    Hero Forever

    Bricks To The Wall

    City Of Holy War

    Pure Celebration

    The Bravest Face

    Enigma Coding

    The Meaningless Wrong


  • New single out now!

    City Of Holy War is released today
    01. June 2016

    City Of Holy War, the first single from the forthcoming album, is out now on all digital platforms. 

    Watch a brand new video for the song here.

    The album, titled "Breaking The Surface", will be out in September.


  • And the winner is......

    10. May 2016

    Last weekend Meridian played, and won, the finals in the competition "Esbjerg Rock Festivals Musikpris 2016"! 

    This means that the band will be playing the festival on the 3rd of June. 

    We're very much looking forward to rocking the big stage in a little more than three weeks. \m/ 

    More info here: EsbjergRockFestival

    (Photo: Peter Langwithz Smith)

  • New album out in 2016

    15. March 2016

    A new album is set for release later this year.

    The album is recorded at Hansen Studios, produced and mixed by Jacob Hansen. 

    We've just recieved the final mix and it sounds killer..! 

    A new video is also in the making.

    A lot of exciting stuff is happening in the world of Meridian, so stay tuned for more info soon.... \m/ 

    Until the, there's a few new livepics from last year in the gallery.


    26. October 2015
    Meridian are extremely happy to officially announce our new guitarplayer, Marco Angioni! Today we jammed as a fourpiece with Marco (Lars unfortunately could not be here) and both socially and guitarwise he is a perfect match for Meridian!
    Besides being a fantastic guitarplayer, Marco is a producer and he owns and run Death Island Studio. Marco will have his debut with the band, when we play Lygten Station in Copenhagen, november 20th. 

  • The Bravest Face - out now!

    And Klaus is to appear on national danish television tomorrow.
    20. October 2014

    Our new single, The Bravest Face, is now available for digital download and streaming. Both the full band version and the acoustic piano version is available as individual songs. All income from the sale will be donated to the cancer foundation.  

    And in addition to that, Klaus will be on national danish television tomorrow, to talk about the song, his nephew Daniel and the story behind the song.  

    Later tomorrow afternoon, Lars will play the song live in Gellerup, Aarhus. 

    The television appearence is tomorrow, october 21th on the show "Go Morgen Danmark" on TV2 at 8:45 (CET).  

  • New Single and video

    06. October 2014
    Six years ago we wrote the song “The Bravest Face”. Klaus wrote the lyrics about his nephew who fought with leukemia. A battle that he lost definitive last week. Before that we went in the studio to re-record "his" song as a little moral support in his ongoing fight. We did two versions. A full band version and an acoustic piano version. He heard the songs and liked and approved them. 
    This is our tribute to you, Daniel Skjoldborg Isaksen – The Bravest Face. 
    “The Bravest Face” will be released digitally with both versions of the song on October 20th.
    A video for the piano version can be seen here
    Earnings from the download sales will go directly to ‘Kræftens Bekæmpelse’ (the cancer foundation).

  • Cancellation!

    26. September 2014

    Due to physical injury in the drumming department, Meridian will not be able to play at Lygten, Copenhagen on the 10th. October. Thanks to Steffan and our friends in Phoebus Cartel for stepping in and saving the day. Meridian will definitely be back as soon as Klaus is ready to climb the drumstool again.


    Welcome to the new online home of Meridian!
    16. March 2014

    For news, tourdates and other cool stuff regarding the world of Meridian, this is the place to be! 


  • ON AIR

    16. March 2014

    Next friday, 21/3-2014, Klaus will be this weeks guest DJ on Metal Express Radio. He'll present and play songs chosen by the band. Songs that have inspired the individuel bandmembers and helped shape the sound of Meridian. 

    After Klaus' guest DJ spot, Metal Express Radio will play a few Meridian songs. 

    So remember to tune in next friday at 15:00 or 21:00 CET (9:00 a.m. or 03:00 p.m. Eastern US Time) here: metalexpressradio.com

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“…catchy melodies, impressive guitar riffs, incredible solos and one hell of a vocal line.”   10/10  (metal-temple.com)

"...a strong melodic album full of attitude."   (Battlehelm.com)

"great production, great riffs, great vocals = great songs."   8/10  (Rockfreaks.net)

”Dansk eksport metal af international kaliber.”   8/10  (metalized)